Social Media Explained 2019 – Infographic

I was working on my presentation deck for a digital marketing training that I gave to tourism experts based in Canadian Atlantic provinces when I noticed something unexpected. I noticed that there were no updated infographic “Social Media Explained 101” like we used to see back in the days.

Since digital marketing is evolving fast, the idea popped in my head that “social media explained 101 2019” would be interesting for marketing teams in any organizations type.

1. Back in the Days: The Donut Analogy

Social media was all about Facebook (no big evolvement here), Google+, FlickR, MySpace, YouTube , Pinterest and Twitter. Foursquare and Instagram were emergent players back then. Twitter was used mainly by geeky people or media professionals. Trump was not the president of the United States and many people didn’t know about the big blue bird. 

The donut analogy has been created back then. It was simple: everyone eats donuts. 

Here how it went:

Social Media Explained 2016 version

2. Social Media Explained 2019 – Updated version

See, they were no important major players like Snapchat, What’s app, WeChat and so on back in 2012. Players like Google+ are now dead (not a big surprise) and platforms like FlickR and MySpace reinvented themselves to target a new audience. 

FlickR is now a photographer based community (similar to 500px) while MySpace focuses on music bands. Specialization made some of them survived while some shut their doors. My two cents: copying all the best practices in other platforms whiteout adding real value for the end user is not a way to go.

Top social networks worldwide by users 2019 (in millions). Source: Statista

Here is my Social Media Explained 2019 Infographic – updated version:

  1. Facebook: I like donuts
  2. Instagram: Here is a photo/story of my donuts
  3. Twitter: See the news about the best donuts in Montreal
  4. YouTube: Watch great donut recipes by YouTuber or chef
  5. LinkedIn: Read an article about Tim Hortons acquisition and its business impacts
  6. Pinterest: See the best donuts recipes to cook at home
  7. Snapchat: Snap of me eating a donut
  8. Messenger: Message my friends about the best donuts recipes
  9. What’s app: Call or message my friends to know where we will meet to eat donuts
  10. WeChat: Relevant if you target the Chinese market. It’s a one in a app mobile app that can make you chat, call/video call your friends, share location, pictures/videos, order your donuts at the table with a QR code, pay your donuts, write reviews, see the best articles about donuts liked by the community and so on all within the same app. You can also meet new people near you and get “matched” while shaking your phone. Almost like a Tinder integrated as well.

They are many more social media platforms out there, some targeting very special niches that you should be aware of if it is within your market. 

3. Conclusion

I hope this article helped you see more clearly about which platforms does what and how to use them wisely in your digital marketing strategy

In conclusion, social media platforms change, but content stays. So create relevant digital content targeting the right audience and helping you reach your business objectives. If you need help thinking your social media marketing strategy or content strategy through, feel free to contact me for strategic advice.  

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